Student Cluster Competition: Team Phoenix

PACE and Georgia Tech's CHiPC have recently initiated a new undergraduate Virtual Student Cluster Competition (VSCC) team to compete for a spot in the cluster competition at Supercomputing 2020 in Atlanta. Team Phoenix is run as part of an undergraduate research class through Georgia Tech's Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) program, and enrolled students learn about the ins and outs of high performance computing and supercomputing cluster hardware, software, and applications. 

Team leads and co-instructors, Rich Vuduc (CSE, CHiPC director), Aaron Jezgahni (PACE), Will Powell (CSE), and Vijay Thakkar (CSE graduate mentor) have led students through discussions of challenging topics like application optimization, cluster storage, and networking configurations. Team Phoenix students have also been able to hone their skills in CUDA programming and have tested running the standard Top 500 benchmark, Linpack, on the PACE instructional cluster, PACE-ICE. These undergrads have also benefited from PACE's Linux 101 and 102 classes, which have given them a head start in using PACE cluster resources and tools.

Team Phoenix students are currently working on their application for the SCC application deadline, and longtime vendor partner Penguin Computing has agreed to join Georgia Tech's proposal push as the official vendor for the team. Through this robust collaborative effort, Team Phoenix hopes to be a strong home-town contender when SC comes to Atlanta in November, 2020.